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Cartoons, Cleanups, and Close Calls
  1. Accidental Nuclear War: a Timeline of Close Calls - Future of Life Institute
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  3. Historical Close Calls and Their Impacts on the World as We Know It

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These reports can also help inform decisions to long-term changes in maintenance patterns and priorities. When you have a close call take a moment and submit it to our Close Calls Form below. Note that if you are in a crash you still need to file a police report by calling the Cleveland Police at For a mobile friendly version click here.

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  3. The Moth | Radio Hour | Cartoons, Cleanups, and Close Calls.

Name withheld by request It was my rostered day as tow pilot at the gliding club. I got there early so I could pre-flight the Flight Safety Australia reader - Jul 14, Flight Safety Australia reader - Jul 12, 4.

Accidental Nuclear War: a Timeline of Close Calls - Future of Life Institute

Name withheld by request It had been a picture perfect day when I set off from Brisbane on a solo navex out west in a Flight Safety Australia reader - Jul 7, 8. Recently, I was involved in Flight Safety Australia reader - May 12, 6.

Close Calls 2 Compilation

It was and I had decided to go flying in Flight Safety Australia reader - May 10, 5. With a newly minted Flight Safety Australia reader - May 4, 4. Name withheld by request After the incident, I could only laugh how typical Murphy's law had been to me.

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  • I hadn't flown a single minute Matthew Tomlinson 15 seconds. That was all it took.

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    From the threat first being detected, to a potentially deadly situation, took just 15 seconds. A hangar story that could easily have been a front-page newspaper story Name withheld by request It was early autumn many years ago and I was Name withheld by request My first close call occurred in September last year. At the time it frightened me to death, but it proved to By Frank Martinelli I am a low-hour recreational pilot who flies from Tyabb, a non-controlled airport south of Melbourne. I usually fly alone, or with Name withheld by request As someone who grew up in south-eastern Queensland, I will always remember the strong summer storms that would blow through: the It was a simple, mostly harmless event, but it embarrassed an experienced pilot and caused him to ponder his attitude to risk.

    I had been It was a summer day in the north west of NSW and quite hot. I departed the airfield mid-morning and climbed out for some Allan Wardill recalls a crystal clear memory: his first engine failure I was based at Wewak on the north coast of Papua New Guinea in How a recreational pilot found himself loaded with fuel without a drop to spare. Many years ago, I was given the task of delivering a A low-hour pilot meets the imperatives of ergonomics.

    Historical Close Calls and Their Impacts on the World as We Know It

    It was a crisp, early morning—cool enough to make your fingertips slightly numb, but a perfect flying A glider jaunt turns serious. I arrived at the airfield at around 11am on a blue, but soarable day, and found several club members already By Rob Rickards This newly instrument rated pilot was as happy as a warthog in elephant dung. I was flying old, but still shiny, twin By Max Collins Night over the Pacific. The aircraft was operated by By Peter McCarthy As a young pilot with about hours total experience, I agreed to make a five-day trip carrying university students on a How secure is your cockpit and cabin?

    Is everything stowed safely, but still readily available if needed? One of the fundamental problems with flying is By Mark Awad It was the type of day most of us pilots live for—low 20 degrees, severe-clear blue skies and not a breath of I am or was a professional skydiver with over 12, jumps tandem jumps and was the Once there I Name withheld by request It has taken me six years to actually write this.

    On many occasions I have thought about it and not done Name withheld by request When a scenic hang glide took a turn for the worse.

    Name withheld by request I spent my childhood dreaming of becoming a pilot and getting paid to do something I loved so much. Or so I believed. This was not the first error of the Name withheld by request As a fresh PPL pilot, I was always thrilled when I got to navigate across the state all by myself. Name withheld by request Complacency is a silent killer. Distraction is beyond dangerous. Situational awareness is everything. These are the three insights I have gained since