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Joseph argues that women were underrepresented on network dramatic shows in s to the s and when they did appear, they were frequently seen in token or stereotyped roles.

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Although representation of women have changed greatly in the last two decades as we are progressing into a more contemporary society, the question is, has it really changed modern representations of women or it merely replicates gender stereotypes Dobash et al. Magoulick elucidates the positive reviews of Xena and Buffy demonstrate the extent to which these women characters resonate with female viewers longing for strong role models, or even just strong female roles on television.

However, these characters were based in fantasy and science fiction genre. They were identifying so much with my character, identifying with this lion, this strong powerful Olivia Benson. Women representation on television has significant value to female audiences because they view strong characters as role models.

Singh, Vinnicombe and James studied career-minded women who keenly draw on role models from different aspects of like, television being one of them. Theoretical framework will direct my research in a focus manner whilst facilitating a proficient and comprehensive analysis. It will provide a major foundation for my investigation. In order to build my research, the history of women representation would greatly aid in my investigation.

In this book she examines the development of women characters and the representation of feminism on prime-time television. This would provide me thorough knowledge of what goes behind making a drama series with female lead characters and will equip me with the right tools to compare the representation of female characters on Law and Order:SVU. Furthermore, it contains other example from the history of American television which would be beneficial for my research. This book gives a valuable analysis of women working behind the camera and in-front of the camera as well as female audience and their response to television in their daily lives.

The representation of females on the television screen has been a subject of much discussion since the television became commercially available in the late s. This article will help me setting the groundwork for my research as I can put female characters on Law and Order: SVU side by side with previous characters. Further research Elasmar, Kazumi and Brain, showed that women were more likely to be shown playing minor roles and playing characters of housewives and involved in a romantic relationship.

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I would need to further explore the depth of women representation on television which will allow me to conduct adept research. Gender and the Media is also concerned with the theoretical tools available for analyzing representations. Melanie cross-examines the construction of feminism and femininity in cinema and television from a wide variety of female centric programs such as chick flicks, reality shows and drama. This book will provide me with the understanding of the relationship between feminism, femininity, and visual culture and tools to analyze images of female representation in media.

In order to relate characters and peak interest of the audience, formulation of the character through narrative is of uttermost importance. The character and narrative in the text have an emotional connection and resonate with the reader if they identify with the character. Hence, analysis of female representation in Law and Order SVU through their characterization in the narrative would allow me to deconstruct the signs from the text. Furthermore, specific aesthetic and narrative strategies used by the producers to create characters also append to feminism and female representation Geetha, The characteristics of gender have been reallocated in modern era in crime dramas where the female and male personalities are synthesized.

In s and s, crime genre progressively began depicting women in significant characters embarking on TV revolution. Since the beginning of television, crime dramas have been a prime genre of TV. According to Snauffer , crime television has proven to be a fascinating reflection of changes and developments in the culture at large. In chronicling these developments and illustrating how the genre has reflected our ideas of crime and crime solving through the decades, author Douglas Snauffer here provides essential reading for any fan.

This work provides a comprehensive history of detective and police shows on television which will contribute to my research immensely. This book will facilitate my argument as it looks at female led crime drama series from around the world such as The Wire and The Killing. Crime dramas generally feature subject matter related to public sphere with male dominance, however, the addition of female characters into crime genre has enabled to pursue a dynamic approach concerning gender bending transgressions, domestic issues and other feminist concerns Feasey Cavender examines the depiction of women crime victims by comparing episodes from reality crime program.

He analyzed that women talked about their victimization; however, men spoke more often and presented master narratives about the crimes.

How Does Law And Order SVU Portray Women?

His analysis would be helpful in further studying the crime genre as well as involvement of women. Humphries examines women, violence, and media presentations through the lens of feminist criminology. This book will give me tools to analyze the media text meticulously. In crime genre, male protagonist used to focus on solving the crime neglecting the public concerns during the process.

Though, attitudes started to change when women were portrayed unconventionally as brave, independent and intelligent characters breaking away from the societal norm resulting in shaping a new feminist archetype Aisenberg, Cuklanz and Moorti examine a wide variety of text to delve into the representations of gendered violence against women and formulation of gender. They focus on the portrayal of gender and law enforcement in the show featuring modern social tribulations where women play the central character. Cavender and Jurik work will provide the framework to deconstruct the meanings and connotation in depiction of women in Law and Order: SVU in relations to social norm.

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There has been a dramatic rise in representation of women detective in modern text whether be film or television which used to be dominated by men Mizejewski, Tasker believes women representation has progressed tremendously in recent years with transformed and empowered gender egalitarianism; however, there is still substandard issue. In comparison with men, their characters were subjugated by personal relationships and family issues.

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However, this began to change in the s when women were portrayed in more dynamic roles. Ellen Ripley signified the first final girl archetype, a term coined by Carol J. Knight and Clover examinations of women representation would aid in decoding the signs in Law and Order:SVU. Anthony believes that the progression in women portrayal on television and films was because women had taken over the market and were able to acquire positions as Producers and Directors.

These essays take a look at how recent depictions of women in action films, TV shows, comic books, and video games reflect a changing acceptance of women in traditionally male heroic or tough-guy roles.

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This highly specialized and scholarly study is suitable for my research and would enable me to view Law and Order: SVU in different light. In order to analyze the representation of women in Law and Order: SVU, I will construe if the women embody four essential constructing features which are body, attitude, action and authority in a tough hero Innes, With the fusion of traits, earlier archetype of the hero has been amended in popular culture containing both masculine and feminine traits which will enable me to interpret female traits presented in Law and Order: SVU.

This new breed of action heroines contravenes not only cinematic but cultural gender codes of women being submissive and tangential characters and transform traditional cinematic depiction of women. She puts forward certain qualities that a female hero should possess to transform her and the world such as strong-minded, valiant and a risk-taker. She also examines how representations of women are effected by particular national milieu.

Law & Order : Special Victims Unit Unofficial Companion

This provides a baseline to investigate influences of societal factors on representation of women in Law and Order: SVU. Hanson proposes alternative ways of viewing classic and contemporary Hollywood heroines and the associations of gender with genre. She investigates representation of women as investigator and heroine in the variable context of the film industry which will enable me to apply the same approach to my research.

She confers meticulous attention to the production of narrative, actions and perception as well as negotiation of feminine self and desires across the past. She states that by creating a heroine, the screenwriter has to consider all kinds of differences, from character development to gender issues in the development process.

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According to Knight , female action heroes extensively influence individuals in society and also reveal a lot about our society. Furthermore, I will examine Buffy which was a very popular show with very sharp and provocative commentaries on gender. In Undead TV, media studies scholars tackle the Buffy phenomenon and its many afterlives in popular culture, the television industry, the Internet, and academic criticism Levine and Parks, Stuller illustrates the triumph of female hero in contemporary mythology which has cracked through male dominated environment and divulges into the crucial role of female crime fighters in popular culture.

Furthermore, it will aid me in examining other female characters re-presented as victims and criminals. Research has shown that violence against women is a serious public health and human rights concern World Health Organization and that the concurrent presentation of women as sex objects and victims in various forms of media increases acceptance of violence against women Malamuth, I will draw primarily upon the discourse analysis of Law and Order: SVU to examine the meanings behind the representations of women as victims to more positive and hopeful depictions.

Marion argues that the contemporary portrayals of women within popular culture are shaped by two major trends: the mainstreaming of pornography and its resultant hypersexualization of women and girls, and the commodification of those images for a global market. Wood book will provide both the practical steps for doing discourse analysis and the theoretical justifications for those steps. This book shows students how the social world revolves around talk and text. Open industry format known for its compatability with almost all e-readers and mobile devices except Amazon Kindle.

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What ebook format do I need? It goes after the heart of SVU through interviews with actors, writers, producers, casting agents, location scouts and others. Moreover, the authors peek behind the scenes of the bicoastal operation, observing the progress of an entire episode shot in New York City and a script fine-tuned in Los Angeles.

The book provides fascinating insight, delighting SVU devotees who love on-screen and backstage trivia. In addition, creator Dick Wolf offers readers a gripping foreword to the book. Susan Green is an award-winning journalist. She also has reviewed films for BoxOffice magazine and written entertainment stories for the Hollywood Reporter. Go to the Editor Page. Randee freelances for MovieMaker magazine.

Online, New Musical Express and other national and international publications. She also contributed to the first edition of Les Series Tele , a French book about American television, and has a paralegal certificate from New York University. Colin Campbell Debbie Adler. Search the Site.