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Best Free Tote Bag Patterns
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I just sewed down the elastic to the lining side of the flap when I attached the bias edging. It also has a large zippered pocket inside, with patch pockets for cards inside that larger pocket. Just baste the flap to the bag, and then tuck it between the bag layers when you sew the bag and lining together.

How to Sew a Crayon Tote Bag for Kids!

I actually made this piece of patchwork some time ago. This is the first one I have done; I plan to do a bigger laptop tote or backpack with the next one. I have to say that each one of these bags includes some little issue that I am not happy with. For example, the lining I chose for my blue bag is a gorgeous midnight blue print.

But this worked out, because the unintended bucket shape of the bag is what inspired me to make the quilt that I otherwise might not have included with this gift.

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The Amish include mistakes in their quilts on purpose. My mistakes were more accidental. The thing is though, all these little issues are lessons learned. This is a very unique idea. I love it. I'd really love if you checked out our Pattern Party. I really really like it! Thank you for the tutorial.

I will be making these for the charity I am involved with Angels for the Forgotten. Just perfect! Thanks so much, Sue! I checked out Angels for the Forgotten I also became a follower of your blog, what great things you do! Do you need something to keep your cute little kiddos quiet during church or even for a few minutes at home? Here's a solution Lay the the rectangle for the outer part of the bag on top of fusible web. Fuse together with iron. Iron both sides on cotton setting until fused together.

Zig zag stitch around the edges of the fused rectangles, and the name. Cut also with pinking shears if you want for extra coverage. Fold in half, right sides together. This post office type bag is perfect for those of you who normally have to carry several packages to the post office or FedEx to have them shipped. You only need about one and a half yards of fabric, too, and the tote is big enough to handle a couple of packages, depending on their size. Instructions and Pattern: elsiemarley.

Bucket style totes may not be the most traditional, but they are really cute and they can hold so much stuff. I love this reversible bucket style tote. Instructions and Pattern: sewmamasew. This little bag looks like a ruffled dress! I love ruffles — not so much making them but looking at them.

This pattern looks so very easy and it creates this gorgeous ruffled tote that you are sure to want to carry everywhere. I really love the white, though. Even though it may be hard to keep clean, it has such an elegant look. Instructions and Pattern: wkdesigner.

This bag just has it all — ruffles, ribbons, and ties work together to create this stunning tote that is sure to be your favorite. The ruffled handles are my favorite part, but the entire bag is just gorgeous. Instructions and Pattern: sew4home. In traditional school bag style, this tote is fabulous.

You only need a yard of fabric, and just under a yard for the lining. The tote is deep enough that your stuff will stay securely inside without it. You can add it though if you want for dramatic effect. Otherwise, you can use it as a market tote or a large handbag. Instructions and Pattern: projectsbyjess. Plus, the strap is a belt — how easy is that? This scrunchy looking tote is perfect if you like those larger type handbags or use it for carrying your beach necessities or whatever you want.

I love it for books and maybe even knitting supplies to take along on road trips.

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Instructions and Pattern: naechic. This one requires several steps, but all of them are easily done by the intermediate sewer, or even a beginner who is confident in her abilities. This is one of the most adorable bags ever. You literally use an old dress shirt and tie to make this one. Instructions and Pattern: makeit-loveit. It has three outer pockets on each side, so you have room to take everything you need and keep it neatly organized.

Instructions and Pattern: bhg. This sling style tote is really pretty and the wide band and handle make it really comfortable to carry. Of course, you could do it all in one pattern, but it will draw much more attention if you contrast just a bit. This one would make a wonderful mini diaper bag, too. This easy spring fashioned tote bag is made from a couple of tea towels. If you want a tote bag project that you can finish in about an hour or less, and one that gives you a bag perfect for spring, this is it.

Instructions and Pattern: homemadebyjill. I just love the idea of using dish towels to make a tote bag. This one is made from dish cloths! You can make the handles longer if you prefer and choose dish cloths in any design, although these great summer designs would be perfect for vacation. Instructions and Pattern: whatsthatgonnabe.

pittrirocchehos.cf - Sewing and Quilting Patterns for Creating Modern Bags, Hats, and Seasonal Quilts

Repurposing is so much fun. This little bag is perfect for when you want something stylish but lightweight. And, you can make it yourself. This versatile tote bag is large enough to carry a couple of outfits and even your bathroom necessities like a blow dryer or straightener. Instead, make this DIY weekender bag. You could make so many of these and give them out as gifts.

Even if you have a ton of tote bags, you know you want one of these stylish two toned bags, just for the fun of it. If you need a basic tote pattern, this is an easy one. You can even fit a laptop in this one, and the shoulder strap is adjustable. It also has an inside pocket. Instructions and Pattern: bagntell. The tote bag zips up into a really neat wallet size so you can stick this in your purse and go.

Children’s Crayon Bag For 72 Hour Kits Free Pattern

When you need it, just unzip and you have a full sized tote bag to carry all your stuff. As someone who loves spur of the moment trips, I can tell you that you will never have too many weekender bags. This one is an extra-large sized bag that will easily fit your laptop, clothes, toiletries, and so much more with room to spare. You could also use it as a really nice diaper bag, and it really resembles those expensive bags that you see in department stores for several hundred dollars.

Instructions and Pattern: megantada. This would be a great library bag. You could also use this one for crocheting or knitting supplies. The little pocket is perfect for keeping your needles safe and within reach. Instructions and Pattern: mycottoncreations. It looks like the smaller version of a laptop bag and you can use it for so many things. The pattern itself looks pretty simple, even with the zipper.

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This lightweight bag would be perfect for smaller tablets or market purchases, and the straps are designed to snap off if you want to carry it like a small handbag. These are great as gifts — just buy cheap t-shirts with sayings, bands, or whatever, and customize them for your gift recipient. Instead of sewing the bottom, you cut fringe and then just tie the fringe together.