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Sign up for our Newsletter. Follow Us through. Request a Quote! Highest Rated. Words: 23, Language: English. Published: June 20, by Sandra Ross. Iliana finally found out who Nickolas really was. He is Nick DiAngelo, her most hated person in the world. The man she's been in love with was her parent's murderer! How could she live with herself, knowing she has saved the life of the man whose given her so much misery? Words: 15, In the sensual world of the elites, Nickolas is a game player. But he has more than the usual secrets up his sleeves.

Nickolas' obsession with Iliana takes a turn for the worse. Iliana owns his heart and soul. What would he do when the dam breaks and she discovers his damning secrets? He knows that not even her love for him could save his soul by then Words: 13, Words: 18, Iliana meets Nickolas at the restaurant where she works as a waitress. He is beautiful, rich, witty—and he pursues her every day, nonstop, for a month until she succumbs. He is the epitome of control, but as a lover he is just as wild. Overwhelmed by the passion she has never experienced before, she cannot see that there is something to Nickolas that more than meets the eye Words: 51, It all started when Laila is dragged into one of those hormone-crazed frat parties with her friend Ashley.

She meets Eric and ends up in his arms and they create a wild Just friends? Published: June 19, by Sandra Ross. Laila finds out Vince is cheating and they broke up, while Eric goes away again after graduation and misses him. She admitted that rejecting him had been a bad decision. He asks Laila and Ashley to help him prepare. In the midst of the chaos is the most ironic twist of all — she has just been friend zoned.

Laila has already turned down Eric's offer.

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She rejects his advances but he hasn't given up. Another man comes along—witty, intelligent, driven, and ambitious. Vince seems to be the perfect man; and he and Laila quickly became an item. Eric disappears. No one has a clue where he is. Has she finally driven him away?

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Words: 21, Days passed and they got to know each other more. He goes to great lengths to please her. The two of them remain great friends. How far will they go to keep this up? Published: June 18, by Sandra Ross. Laila is dragged to a hormone-crazed frat party by a friend and got tempted in the wild atmosphere of booze and sex after witnessing an orgy. She played with herself in the dark. And Eric has a camera. He'll delete the video if Words: 12, She told Adam about it so they can work with it and have some private time. But Adam has again played Voyeur Jack to her latest escapade, and this time he tag teams with his client, Gman, to subdue her into another submissive act.

What will Adam think when he finally finds out? Words: 16, Emily works in place among men and their big egos.

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But among these she really liked sweet, handsome Adam. Then one afternoon, an accident happens that gives way for someone to start something. But the lucky event is caught by a security cam.

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And the feedback brings Emily trouble. She gets a chance to get laid, sure. Words: 78, Secret Lavalle is no stranger to vampires. A nightwalker of New Orleans, she sensed vampires the same time she acquires her psychic powers.

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Then she meets Kane. He is drawn to her supernaturally. He answers to the call of her blood. Is Kane her future? Or part of a past life her present self forgot? Words: 26, Kane tells Secret not of his early history as a vampire, but that of the early history of vampires. There are vampires of mixed human ancestry who live and walk during the day, their true identities emerging only later in life.

He knows what she is - his mate. He has to be there when she starts sleeping the sleep for the first time, or she will never wake into her own eternal night Words: 28, Secret is no stranger to vampires. A nightwalker, she first sensed a vampire the same time she realize she is a psychic. But Kane is unique — he is drawn to her like no other. And since meeting him, vampires keep appearing on her doorstep, like they sense something they want in her blood. Is Secret in danger, or is she about to find out about her past Words: 27, She is special, and he is drawn to him like moth to a flame.

Secret is a nightwalker, and she should sense vampires. But why is she not afraid of him? Has she met vampires before? Or does she sense what she will become soon enough?