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Duncan M. Hamilton
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It seems the History degree came in useful after all! You can always get in touch with me directly via my website—www. Edit - Ok, I think that wraps it up. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and asked a question! Greetings from Australia, the other place that has lots of Irish. Do you ever find yourself coming up with great scenes or dialogue, and then inventing characters and whole plots just to have an excuse to use that scene? Yeah, that definitely happens, although scenes like that often end up getting cut or changed in edits, as they can struggle to have any driving purpose in the greater narrative arc.

So when did you first start writing fantasy, and what was the journey like from that to getting published? Bonus question: is there a detail or element from one of your books you wish you could include, but had to cut? I've been writing for as long as I can remember.

Magnet link The Tattered Banner Society Of Sword 1 Duncan M Hamilton

I consider my fantasy to be a bit of a sideways step from historical fiction. The first book that I published probably the fifth or sixth that I wrote took about a year to write the first draft, and about the same to polish up across the edits to release. That was all while on a part time basis. The journey was a pretty interesting one, with a huge amount of learning involved along the way with regard to setting up an author platform and all the social media stuff that involves. Prosecutor: "The witness claims his education in history influences his writing, but not his education in law.

I put before the court the Precedent of Fantasy influenced by the Law. Specifically the strange novel 'Lud in the Mist' by Hope Mirrlees. Setting one reality against another. Prosecutor whirls upon witness Question: Does not the reality of Law belong in Fantasy, as surely as in a Grisham pot-boiler? Great consternation in the court-room. As I recall I touched on the idea of judicial duelling in The First Blade of Ostia, but that was as close as I've come to really looking at legal things. In saying that, I suppose choosing government types when you're world building looks at a lot of jurisprudential concepts even if its unintentional!

In my case, it's very unintentional! People say that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so what do you generally have for Lunch? Hey Jos, it depends, but given the choice, probably a burger. I'd have one for breakfast and dinner too, if I could get away with it! Did you ever lose interest in any projects you had started?

The Society of the Sword Trilogy

I have so many half written short stories, character sheets and creation stories that I have never bothered picking up again. I'm yet to find 'the one' and it's quite annoying that even now I still don't have the thing that keeps me interested. Not so much, but certainly one of the biggest challenges to writing a book when it's not your day job is actually finishing it!

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I write about stuff I love, and that fascinates me, so that holds my interest high middle ages history and swords! If I find my interest waning, then I go back to the basics and ask myself what it was about the story that made me want to start it?

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Then I focus on the aspects of the story that appeal to my interests, and develop those, which usually does the trick. If not, I always have a few books in process at any one time, so I move on to work on one of them for a while so I can come back to the problem story with a fresher perspective.

In saying that, I have binned a couple of novel length works that I could never quite get to where I wanted them. Hi Duncan! I deeply enjoyed The Tattered Banner. I really liked the way you managed to convey information about political intrigue without having the main character understand what was happening around him.

It kind of had an Oldboy feeling to it, in a strange way. What made you choose this point of view for your story, and not that of a more 'deliberate' character? Soren's sponsor would have told a fairly different story, I bet. I went into writing the Tattered Banner wanting to tell a story of a guy on the fringes of the world altering events and characters that fantasy so often focusses on. Soren faces no challenges in this book.

A merchant tries to beat him for thieving. Soren is years older than the average incoming student? No problem! The noble never sponsors anyone, so they just make an exception. Not only do they make an exception, but they go on ahead and skip him several years ahead just so he can be with kids his own age, letting him conveniently skip over a year so difficult it causes more than half the students to wipe out. A challenge presents itself and it is neatly resolved, often in the same chapter. Meanwhile, the author has managed to make Soren devoid of personality. Aside from this rather insurmountable issue, the book also needed another pass by an editor for both logic and grammar.

For example, when he goes to this school, Soren is illiterate, as you might expect of a commoner from this pseudo-Renaissance world. Furthermore, this fundamental lack of skills makes his being skipped ahead that much more ridiculous. What academy of such a supposedly prestigious nature is going to matriculate a student that lacks the expected skills of their place of learning just because he started a little bit late?

The Tattered Banner (Society of the Sword)

On the grammar side we have some clunky sentence structures and descriptions and some poor word choices. Why tear down a perfectly good training facility if you can use it? I simply disagree. Yes, Soren is gifted-that goes without saying-he is after all, the hero of the story. Poor background and many struggles gives us our hero. And he is lovely!

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